Author: Rabbani B

Chinnu – Radio Jingle (Kannada)

Hi All, For those of you, who couldn’t catch the ad in 92.7 BIG FM by FAME productions Team for Infobells. Here is the ad for you to hear!!! Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Please do leave your feedback. Credits: Vocals: Nagashree, Kavya, Karthik & Vijay Music Arrangement: Vijay Krishna Script: Karthik Dialogs: Vijay & Nagashree Once again thanks to Infobells...

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Moral Stories For Kids – 3D Animation

  FAME productions team had fun working with Infobells again! This time for Moral Stories all in 3D character. Credits: Stories, Screen play, Dialogs: Karthik Chandan Music – Karthik Chandan & Vijay Krishna Sfx – Saravana, Karthik Chandan & Vijay Krishna Voices: Karthik Chandan, Justin Fernandes, Malini, Sangeetha You can buy the CD for 149/- only from the link: watch the trailer...

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Infobells – Hindi Rhymes – Sinchan Dixit – Karthik – Vijay

Infobells Hindi Rhymes – Sinchan Dixit – Vijay Krishna – Karthik Chandan. This time, we recorded never heard, new set of rhymes. These set of rhymes deal with relations / Festivals / Games etc. We are pretty sure, these new set of rhymes will make children dance to its tunes. Stay tuned as Infobells bring out these new rhymes. Rhymes Recorded: I Love My School, Daadaji, Naani Maa, Daadi Maa, Naana Ji, Sabjiyon, Bhaiya aur Behena, Brush Karo, Ghadi, Eeshwar, I love India, Chalo exercise karo, udi udi udi meri patang, Nindiya Rani, Chanda Maama, Picnic, TV bandh Karo,...

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