Rentongo Commute - Animation Ad - FAME Productions

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Rentongo Commute – Animation Ad – FAME Productions

About Rentongo

Rentongo is a rental platform where various items are available for rent. Rentongo’s latest offering is a Point to Point Bike rentals, where you can pick a bike and commute to your destination. Rentongo’s pricing seem to be cheaper than any of the other transportation services available across city.

FAME Productions Work

What excited the most was the way story turned out to be. Rentongo Bike rental, which is truly a money / time / fuel saving venture, wanted to showcase how it can work out to be super cheap travel to desired destinations. What got added during the process was “What if I share the bike with my colleague”.

Storyboard looked something like this.


Our hero of the story, who not only zips thru the roads to reach his destination, but also contributes towards a green environment.


Karthik, Unnikrishnan, Sebastian, Sharath, Arun