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Chinnu – Radio Jingle (Kannada)

Hi All, For those of you, who couldn’t catch the ad in 92.7 BIG FM by FAME productions Team for Infobells. Here is the ad for you to hear!!! Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this...

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Raahi Chal De

“Raahi Chal De” is the title for the new anthem composed by Karthik and Vijay for our Delhi Based clients for Resonance. Composed & Arranged by: Karthik-Vijay Lyrics: Karthik Chandan Vocals: Avinash Chebbi...

Namma Bavuta – Our Flag

FAME productions team proudly announces its own production short film on Indian Flag. Avoid plastic flags. Use khadi Respect our flag…it represnts our Country. Make it a point not to throw this precious thing on roads..and...